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guys how do you gif from long videos (i.e the full film)?

  1. remademyblog answered: i play the film and then screencap the parts? is that what you mean?
  2. shialabeouff answered: If i download a movie/trailer etc, i just open the actual video in CS5
  3. rachgeller answered: i just use kmplayer to make screencaps
  4. peetaspencil answered: You have to click SHIFT and then you move with the arrows to where you want
  5. finnickley answered: I just cut it with Windows Live Movie Maker :’D but beware it saves in weird sizes, you have to edit that and then convert it in mp4 and done
  6. quatniss answered: I cut them in parts.
  7. bloodtraitor answered: using the kmplayer to screencap the scene you want to gif.
  8. capitolsecrets answered: what exactly do you mean? after you open the movie you find the scene or something else?
  9. alwayssnapesdoe answered: I used aTube catcher to have just a passage of the film
  10. alexskarev answered: YOURS IS DONE DOWNLOADING? OMG
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