the odds are never in our favour
Zara . Seventeen . England
i like sleeping and eating and i'm
probably crying right now i
i tweet a lot

yoooo i miss you how are you????

sorry!!!!! i’ve been drowning in things for uni application and then there was leaky con and visiting relatives, i’ve been super busy.  but i’m good!!

i freakin love the look of your blog. so pretty

thank you :))))))))))

How do you get your themes known/popular?

i just tagged them with theme and i guess a couple of resources blogs picked them up :))

for your theme #3, how do you get rid of the beehive looking image under every post? xx

it’s the info image. you can either clear it or replace it with an image you like better :)) xx

i came to your blog for the themes and then i stayed for the fantastical posts omg <3

waaaa thank you 

i miss u *sigh* hope you're well

it’s nice to know i’m missed but i just don’t feel like i can be on 24/7 anymore :((((((

hello you're awesome goodbye

thank you angel!!!

your previous page button is kinda glitched but other than that the theme is perfect

it’s fixed now so thank you for letting me know homie!

i'm here just to say that you're very beautiful:)

waaaa you’re lovely

What did you do to make your themes famous?

literally nothing??

©ff themes