the odds are never in our favour
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probably crying right now i
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Garrett + Pointing finger

18 Harry Potter - Leaving Hog
Harry Potter Soundtrack
Harry Potter


The pure fact that this doesn’t even need a title or a description or anything speaks volumes. I mean look at the number of notes this has. There are so few people who don’t recognize it. And the song itself just gives you chills. It’s so magical.

i was listening to the paper kites radio on last fm and cough syrup came on






That was the best monologue in the movie. Because he realized he was already dead. He was supposed to die his entire life. We pity those kids from poor districts. But have we ever stopped to think of the careers? They were trained to do this. Knowing they would most likely die. What kind of parents use their kids as a business? Trained to make them rich, or die. The children from 12 were poor and starving and weak. But most of them had their parents. Loving parents who would die to get some food to bring home for them. Cato and the rest of the careers lived under a fake mask of glory. And he realized it right before he died. “Is that what you wanted?” He screamed to the cameras. Was he blaming the Capitol? Or maybe, just maybe, was there a heartless mother back home, realizing she killed her child from the day he was born?


shit just got deep

tomorrow will be kinder is just such a beautiful song

Sometimes I wonder if Peeta wasn’t reaped, if he would’ve gone to say goodbye to Katniss at the Justice Building before she left for the Games.

the way thresh grinned up at rue because she stole cato’s knife.


Introducing Matty Fresh… or Fresh or Fresh Step or Matty Too-Fresh [x]

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