the odds are never in our favour
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Emma Stone is one of my best friends. We’ve been best friends since we were 17. I cook and Emma bakes. Those are our specialties. - Taylor Swift.

even though love never seems to last; if you think we’ve got a chance…

"Anonymously tell me the kind of person you think I'd fall in love with" .. let's think .. me? ~purelove

luv you 

Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson & Jennifer Lawrence @ Soho Party (8.09)

From a distance, the three young women chatting away in the corner of the private Soho House club in Toronto seem like old friends sharing a late night cocktail. But zoom in closer and you soon realise the trio are stars of movie franchises that have garnered more than £4billion at the global box-office, and that’s probably an under-estimate. Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson, all 22, are three of the most powerful actresses in Hollywood and if nothing else their friendly repartee dispelled idle rumours that they must be bitter rivals. ‘They’re just three girls having a quiet chat after a long day and an even longer night working ‘, noted Nick Jones, the founder of the Soho House group.

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