the odds are never in our favour
Zara . Seventeen . England
i like sleeping and eating and i'm
probably crying right now i
i tweet a lot

what are your saved urls?

most of them are delirium but 

  • thentheaxefell (thg)
  • fortunamajor (hp)
  • alexmagdalena (delirium)
  • apaleinbetween  (delirium)
  • betterthanboth (delirium)
  • crownofleaves (delirium)
  • killyouandsaveyou (delirium)
  • paleinbetween (delirium)
  • alexsheathing  (delirium)
  • +one blog for testing themes
  • +one url which is an inside joke

OKAY i really do need to sleep now so i’ll answer messages in the morning! :)

Put a ‘♥’ and I’ll put my iTunes on shuffle and will post my favourite lyrics of the song.

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